Bernie’s Run

Bernie’s Run – a little game of Political Revolution.

Yes, I was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ integrity and stance on the issues (and still am), especially social and economic inequality in America, not to mention the rest of the world.  So, because of that inspiration, I made this game.  It’s not perfect, and there’s more I could do with the game, but time has run out and it just needs to be done. So, I present to you…

Bernie’s Run

Category ————————— Action/Platformer/Puzzle
File Size: ————————— 16.9 MB (zipped)
GM Version: ———————– GM:S ver. 1.4.1657
OS platform: ———————– Windows 7+

Download:  Bernie’s Run – Release Version 1

The game is part platformer and part match game and all Bernie Sanders on the issues.  You play as Bernie Sanders on his campaign going from town to town having campaign rallies and growing support for the Political Revolution while avoiding nefarious political monsters along the way who only want to destroy your movement. When you start a level, you are in a town or city and you need to find the podium to conduct your rally.

When you find the podium, it will have at least one citizen (and up to 8 citizens, depending on your support percentage) standing nearby waiting for your rally.

During the rally, you must match pairs of icons that represent the issues that Bernie speaks about.  They range from Citizens United to Racial Justice, and many more.  In fact, you can see them all on the HELP page within the game, or on THIS WEBPAGE.

After the rally, you must find your campaign bus and head to the next campaign stop.

While in the city, as you look for the podium and the campaign bus, you’ll encounter a few Political Monsters, so be careful.


The Big Money Monster, the EFM (Election Fraud Machine) Monster, and the Media Pit.  But never fear — for you can earn a Bernie Bird to grant you invincibility against these dastardly foes!

The Political Revolution awaits you.  Download the game directly from here.  It’s free, no adware, no spyware, no corruption — just a message of economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.  #BerniesRun #FeelTheBern

Download:  Bernie’s Run – Release Version 1


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