Monthly Archive: February 2011

ReverbNation creation and MUSIC MAESTRO page finished

I haven’t been slacking too bad.  I created a ReverbNation page for myself and finished updating the Music Maestro page.  I haven’t decided what to do next.  I s’pose we’ll just hafta wait and see, won’t we? HayMan at ReverbNation

HomeFront page completed.

Yes!  One step closer to an update.  I’ve finished updating the HomeFront page.  I won’t be uploading it until the entire site is updated.  I’ve got five more ‘big’ page updates to go, plus work needs to be done on …

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New material???

Hello, out there.  Am I writing to anybody?   I’m about to do work on the website and add some new reading material and links and whatnot.  I’m trying to gear up to it.  It seems kinda daunting each time now, …

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