Monthly Archive: June 2011

NEXT! Neon Games’ Logo

Neon Games Presents.  I used the free font called ‘BPneon’ found at  This logo took a lot longer to make than I thought it would.  I made three versions and I like the third version the best with the …

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Rhodox’s Guage Productions Logo – Finally!

Here’s the tornado logo.  I’m not quite sure if the tornado image is actually free, as I don’t know if the website is legitimate.  I found the picture at http:/  —  I created the lightning with GIMP.  I like the …

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StrangeOne101 Games Logo Redux

Here’s three more draft changes for StrangeOne101: This logo is somewhat difficult in it’s simplicity. Each of the 4 items (brick background, text, small gear, large gear) has it’s own layer.  That makes it very easy to manipulate.  Placement of …

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Logo Changes Done

I finished the changes for the 2 logos I’ve been working on.  They can be found at HayMan Designs.

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