August 2012 archive

New game I’m working on — “Carpocalypse”

The other games are on the back burners.  Here’s my latest game-making fling.  It’s called “Carpocalypse”. It’s in the very first stages of a playable game.  I’m hoping someone will see this post and offer some feedback about the game SO FAR (please understand, the game is not finished).  Specifically, I’m looking for feedback concerning …

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Gerbil Power

My family ended up with a pair of gerbils recently.  We’ve made quite an elaborate cage for them, and they seem to really like it. I was sitting here in my chair tonite contemplating going to bed and one of the gerbils started running like crazy in it’s wheel.  At first I was like, “Man, …

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The ‘No Update’ update

I’ve been away from this webpage for a while, but not from my computer.  I’ve been taking on new projects, but mostly working my day job 24/7 for the last 4 weeks.  I’m too tired to list everything I’ve been up to, at the moment, but I’ll list a few: Joined a team for the …

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