New Game Project!

Here we go again!  This time it’s for real, I swear.  😛

Yep, I’m on yet a new game project.  I’ve got so many backburners I’m gonna need a second kitchen.  And my website is so ancient and outdated I’m gonna need a digital archaeologist to update the thing.  It’ll have to wait.

The new game is called “Once Upon A Time In Outer Space”.  Here’s the plug and the current gif.  I’ve already started a DevLog on the GMC, but I’ll start a page for the game here, eventually.

During a routine trek through the stars,
your ship has been crippled by a magnetic ion storm! Unfortunately,
the automatic charging array on the Interstellar Plasma Drive (IPD)
has been damaged beyond repair.

You must maintain a constant vigil using the Control Panel of the IPD in order to
manually make the necessary charging calculations to keep your ship alive.
All the while, the ship’s main systems keep breaking down
and demand your attention as well.

Can you keep the engines charged up and your ship’s systems repaired, or will you end up lost in space?

No one knows for sure how it ends, but it all started…


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