Yet again, a new project. LOL!

Yes, I started a new project.

Yes, I said I was going to finish the last one.

Yes, I said it was for real this time.

I just can’t help myself.  I am beholden to no one but myself.  The joys and freedom of hobby developing are mine, and I embrace them tightly!  :)

I participated in the November Game Jam on the GMC Forums.  This time I teamed up with Dwayne (Toque).  He made the art assets and I programmed the game.  I was kinda up for anything and didn’t really know what to make and he suggested a simple run and jump game with a dating theme.  At first, we were thinking of using Yoda (Star Wars) as the lead character, but we decided against it due to possible IP issues.  So we went with an old man instead.  Here’s our Start/Menu page…

Yes, we named him Wizzy Gizzard.  He lives in New York.  Lady Liberty seems un-amused.

The description of the game was written as follows:
Wizzy Gizzard is old, living in New York City, and still looking for love. Today is his lucky day as there is a speed dating session that just started at Love Diner. Overcome all the odds by jumping over the obstacles in his path and get him to the Love Diner. Will he find love? You will just have to play the game to find out! Have fun!

The game is a side-scrolling runner, much like an endless runner, but there is an end to the level — the Love Diner.  As he’s running along the buildings in the background go by, and obstacles appear in his path that he must jump over.  (He’s a spry old elf.)  When he reaches the diner, the cutscene of the date happens and the level’s score is tallied up.  There are 10 levels called ‘weeks’ in the game to portray a new date for each week.

Here’s a gameplay shot where Wizzy is jumping over a bench….

This game is very close to complete.  There are just a few things I want to polish up and perhaps a few features to add, then I’ll be throwing this out there on itch.io, or something.

Then, it’s back to my SpaceTrek game.   Maybe.  :)


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