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First ScreenShot

I think it’s safe to post this.  The only thing that will most likely change is the planet image.  The aliens are not attacking Earth in this game.  🙂  

UFO Command first playable build.

After a couple of weeks off for the holidays, the HayMan Dev Team now has a playable build of the game. There is more work needed before we make a public beta test, but we’re getting closer. Stay tuned! I must mention that our most recent team member, Positron, has taken on much of the …

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UFO Command Development Ahead Of Schedule

We haven’t even created a timeline yet, but according to our previous post here, we are over a month ahead of schedule already!!   Thanks to the supreme efforts and talent of our skilled programmer, Yoyoo, we are leaps and bounds into development.  The gameboard is being created and is already programmed.  (Figure that one!)  The …

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Development on UFO Command Begins!

I’m happy and excited to announce that development on the game ‘UFO Command’ by HayMan Games has officially begun, November 1, 2011.  A small team has been assembled and if all preliminary setup goes smoothly (development web pages, forums, chat rooms, design docs, and some concept art, etc), we’ll start coding and assembling the game …

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