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New Game Project!

Here we go again!  This time it’s for real, I swear.  Yep, I’m on yet a new game project.  I’ve got so many backburners I’m gonna need a second kitchen.  And my website is so ancient and outdated I’m gonna …

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Bernie’s Run – Release Version 1

Complete, playable version 1 of Bernie’s Run is now available.  Read about it, see screenshots, and download the game from it’s webpage.  

Bernie’s Run

So, about two months ago I decided I was going to make a quick, little game for Bernie Sanders supporters.  I figured I’d spend about two weeks and make something little and cute.  Well, turns out my estimation of time …

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GMC Jam: Episode 18

Here’s my weird, satire, spoof, fan-game of the Star Wars franchise mixed in with support for my favorite game developer jam.  I called it “GMC Jam:  Episode 18 – End Of The Cold War”. I highly recommend it, especially if …

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