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Our hero, BootHat, must stop at nothing to save the town (and quite possibly, the world) from notorious Bad Bart!  Armed with his trusty 6-shooter and true western grit, he’ll make his way through towns and open country to shatter the illusions that Bad Bart has plagued over the land.


FayKade is a Work in Progress.

This game originated from a spontaneous decision to join an online forum competition at the very last minute.  It was a 72 hour competition.  I guess I wanted the challenge.

And challenge it was!  It took a while to get in to the swing of writing code.  What little code I know, that is.  I was constantly referencing the help files, which got me as far as I did.

I wasn’t able to finish the game in time.  But I submitted it anyway.  Yikes, I know, huh?  Anyway,  here’s the download link of my submission to the competition.

FayKade (not-even-beta – unfinished)   DOWNLOAD



Intro ScreenFayKade screenshotFayKade screenshot

More to come.  Maybe.

Online DevLog:

02/04/12  UPDATE

I’ve been able to smooth out the collisions and other movement mechanics in the game. I found some help and have implemented icuurd12b42’s Smooth Platform to make it better.

I still need to finish the plot to complete the game. There are some elements I was not able to include in the 72 hour time limit. This game should’ve been about 3 times as long or more to complete. Plus, I’ll be able to stretch out the enemy encounters a bit and introduce them a little better. The enemy AI and strengths need to be fine-tuned, too. Down the road a ways, I plan on animating the character sprites.

02/06/12  UPDATE

The game is progressing well. Zombies can hurt you now. I’ve added health boosters, ammo, a second gun, going in to the buildings, and the dreaded lack of win/lose screen has been remedied. (Yay) Also added extra controls option for WASD buttons and fixed some sound effects. I’ve been trying to clean up my code a bit, too – using scripts instead of in-object scripts. I’ll be working on more graphics next. I’m gonna try my hand at backgrounds, methinks.

I may implement weapon aiming with mouse. It would be nice to shoot upwards, eh? Damn bats. (Undecided yet – not being able to shoot upwards adds some difficulty to the game.)

I’ll be uploading a new build soon.   Nope, It won’t be very soon, actually. 🙂

02/12/12  UPDATE

I’ve done a lot of work regarding plot and art/ambiance.  I’ve spent a lot of time putting together parallax backgrounds, also working out the bugs with some movement issues.  I’m looking to learn some code optimization techniques, which may slow my progress a little, but will be most beneficial to the game, and future projects.

Here’s a list:

  • parallax backgrounds
  • created a pine tree
  • created a rope bridge
  • worked out movement bugs on bridge
  • non-solid and darkened wall texture – no more seemingly floating blocks of earth!
  • resized the screen view to 960×540 to fit widescreen better
  • changed and moved the health bar to  fit the new screen and level design
  • developing story plot

We’ll see about getting a screenshot up, but I sure hate spoiling surprises. 🙂

02/15/12  UPDATE

New screenshot and download!

FayKade Screenshot

Click the image for the new WIP download, or click this link:   Faykade_24_WIP_download.exe

I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding the progress.

Since my last update, I’ve added arms, and a new gun.  I made the gun right-hand specific until you pick up the second gun.

As you can see, I created fire!  It’s not the best, but it’s what I was able to do.  Thanks for the particle tutorial, Fred Fredrickson!

I created a toggle for the “QuickDraw” option with the guns and aiming.  I felt that the guns always following the mouse was a bit distracting.  However, it was fun to watch and play with.  I still need to create a left arm without a gun.  Also trying to think up a walking animation.  Still also, I have plans to animate the hero’s eyes.

More to come…  Maybe.

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