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What is HayMan Games, you ask?


HayMan Games is my stepping stone towards the dream to create video games designed to fill the void of that certain kind of video game that I just couldn’t seem to find on the market. My main philosophy is: Less complicated – More fun.

Well, that’s how it started, anyway.  Now, it’s become an obsessed hobby of trying to make anything and maybe finish it.  *sigh*

From the depths of BASIC, through the swamps of Pascal, over mountains of C++, beyond the lure of perl, through pits of Pythons, narrowly escaping an overdose on Java, while trying to stay in tune with c#, not stopping for go, and with a sense of Unity, I, the HayMan, venture forth into the future with peaked curiosity, gushing creativity, and humble discovery as a fledgling and aspiring GameMaker.


Works In Progress On hold

 Devils_Railroad Pic Logo

THE DEVIL’S RAILROAD is the story of a down-and-out blues musician who takes to the rails as a hobo in his pursuit of the Devil’s temptations of fame and fortune.  The setting is America in the early 1930’s during the great depression.  The story is partly inspired by the legend of Robert Johnson and tries to portray a lesson of the human struggle with adversity and moral decision making. Visit “The Devil’s Railroad” development log here.

In pre-alpha.

UFO COMMAND development by the HayMan Dev Team has come to a halt.  It’s priority has been pushed down the list.

When I was a little kid, we had a game called ‘Flight Command’. It was basically the same game as “Trouble” by Milton Bradley. It had different colored passenger jets as the player’s pawns and a dice popper in the middle of the board. It was a pretty basic game, and probably not all that fun, but I have fond memories of playing it and wanted to try and make it.


Read more about it on the UFO Command Info page.

In pre-alpha.


Deluge Game

DELUGE: DEEP IN THE BURROWS is a platform game where you play as mice trying to escape the rising flood waters of the underground tunnels.  Eat cheese to jump higher, move boulders out of your way, dig away sticks that block your path, and get to the top before finding your watery grave.  You have 5 levels to see how many mice you can save vs. how many mice you drown.  Game can be downloaded from the development page for critique or suggestions at — http://haymanquarterly.com/blogs/deluge-deep-in-the-burrows/

In alpha.


The Grumpies Banner


THE GRUMPIES is a 2.5D shooter, of sorts.  People in Big City Park are being affected by an unknown evil that has turned those who are most vulnerable into ugly monsters of society.  They run around sections of the park infecting other people of their monstrous grumpiness.  You play a peace-loving hippie character with an amazing power of throwing daisies that manifest from the palms of your hands.  Enough daisies landing on a grumpified soul brings him back to happy normal. 6 levels with a bonus round in the middle.  Levels are timed.  Faster times of un-grumping the level gets higher scores.  Grand total at the end.  You can see the GMC WIP Topic and download the current alpha here —> http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=590519&hl=

In alpha.


DOT WARS is a game of unit management. However, unlike the RTS games you’re used to, you have no control over the unit movements. The units have their own intelligence and decide what to do based on how ‘smart’ they are. You control production of unit types, unit training, arsenal and defense strength, and so on.

In pre-alpha.


FREIGHTERS is a top-down space shooter (Asteroids-style) with a whole lot more space and much more than just asteroids. You are a self-employed courier transporting loads of whatever to where ever, as long as the price is right. Pick up a crew to help you run your ship, and set forth to make your fortune. Just watch out for space pirates and the occasional back-stabber and keep in touch with who your friends are because your enemies sure will. Possible multiple star-systems and an open universe make for long playability and gives you more of a sense of control.

In design.


ROADRAGEOUS is a post-apocalyptic game involving cars armed with guns and armored for protection. You can buy a car thats ready to rumble, or you can build your car from the ground up. Add armor, weapons, and accessories to customize your car the way you want. Make money by performing courier jobs through the badlands of the open road or try your luck in the Gladiator Arenas for cash prizes. Repair damages at the garage, buy/sell/trade weapons and equipment, or sell your whole car to buy or build something bigger and better.

Buckle up and hit the road and remember the road rules: No rules is good rules. So watch out for the other guy, he may want your tires. And be ready to get ROADRAGEOUS.

In design.


WHEATZVILLE is a platform game where you play as a wheat storage warehouse worker running around on catwalks, ladders, and grain elevators battling various wheat-storage foes like crows, mice, grain bugs, grain leaks, broken equipment, and more. Put your gloves on and let’s get to work!

 In design.  Possibly to be discarded.


There are so many more I need to list here.  I must return to this page and update it.


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