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Music is hard, music is easy.


I have spent many years playing bass in a few bands, and playing guitar and singing on my own.  HayMan Music was created to chronicle and extend these musical ambitions.

Scattered within this page, I’ve placed large picture links to various music related software sites on the web. (And a few self-promotional items, as well.) If you have any desire to create your own music with your computer, I urge you to check out this great stuff!


Integration: Unauthorized Bits & Pieces

Songs 1-11 were created using

MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix.

The arrangements of samples and the root melodies are original works by Marc Hickey.

This compilation is not for sale.

New Stuff (2010)

12. Alphabet Song
13. Lowriders In Dubai
14. October Space Lizard Cosmonaut
15. The Patriot

These new songs were created using the excellent LMMS for Linux and/or the easy to use and understand Tunafish VST Sequencer by Bram Bos.

These songs are original works by Marc Hickey, using various VSTi’s found within the respective software packages or gleaned from the web.

This compilation of 4 songs is a work in progress.

LMMS logo

Tunafish logo - website link

Hoodoo Eyes CD


Big Steve and the Trainwreck

I played bass and sang backup vocals for ‘Big Steve and the Trainwreck’ on the CD ‘Hoodoo Eyes’.

Check out the ReverbNation page – Big Steve on ReverbNation – to have a listen.


Discography/CD Credits (for Marc Hickey)


Audacity website

Music History

HayMan – Marc Hickey

Oct 2010 to present

I’ve been creating this “electronica” type of music on the computer (using LMMS, Linux MultiMedia Studio), but not as much as I’d like. I hope to do more soon. I very much need to record my guitar-and-vocal songs and get them uploaded here as well. I hope to get this done someday, sooner rather than later. Maybe this summer, if I’m lucky. (<—Well, that didn’t happen. :P)

LMMS logo

Big Steve and the Trainwreck

Feb 2009 to Aug 2010

Blues band out of Pendleton, Oregon. I played bass and sang some backup vocals for the 2nd CD “Hoodoo Eyes” and a few songs on the 3rd CD “No Turnin’ Back”.

42nd Street

In 2009

A side project I participated in while also playing with Big Steve and the Trainwreck. We practiced and recorded in Dan Mitzimberg’s studio. I sang one song (“Jogging”, written by me) and played bass.


Jammin’, writing songs, short-lived punk band.

1999 to 2007

I was in a band that morphed into another band that went to Portland, Oregon to play a small bar as our high point. At that point, we were called “SuperHonkey” and we were playing crappy punkish-rock kinda poop. I played bass and sang backup vocals. That band experience was 2+ years long. I did some song writing and guitar playing in my own time during the rest of these years while jamming with friends once in a while. I did some jamming and practicing with Willie Boland on guitar and Big Steve and the Trainwreck’s Frank Dye on drums. I put together my XBOX creation, “Integration” during this time, as well as exploring the net for other music creation computer software.


KVR website logo

DV Clark “Home Movies”

In 1996

Back in ’96 or thereabouts, I played bass for two songs on Doug Clark’s CD ‘Home Movies’ released in ’97.


Just Past Mars

1994 to 1998

My first real band. I played bass, sang backup vocals, and lead vocals on a few. We played all originals and had a ton of songs. We played an eclectic mix of genres ranging from punk to rock to countrified to somewhere out there. I wish we could’ve professionally recorded them and cut CD’s because I thought it was pretty good. We do have low-fi basement recordings and if I get a chance, I’d like to try to remaster them. More about this band later…


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