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HayMan Studios is my adventures with movie making.  Right now, it’s machinima.  My software of choice at the moment is Muvizu.

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With MuvizuI can make my own animated movies quite easily.  There are some limitations, but by being creative, one can work around those limitations.  It is an excellent software and since it is in it’s beta infancy, they are offering it for free.  That’s right, free.

Some other machinima software include MovieStorm and iClone, however, these have price tags.  The old game “The Movies” by Lionhead Studios is another way to make machinima-type movies, but with limitations confined to the game.

Here is the link to my YouTube page to see the ‘Muvi’es I’ve made so far — HayManMarc2 on YouTube.  I may end up hosting them here in the future, as well.

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