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HayMan Quarterly, No. 1
HayMan Quarterly, No. 2
HayMan Quarterly, No. 3
HayMan Quarterly, No. 4
HayMan Quarterly, No. 5
HayMan Quarterly, No. 6

Credits   where credit is due…

First of all, my “Thank You‘s.”

Thank you, Readers, for visiting my site!
Thank you, MochaHost, for the web page hosting with no annoying ads!!
Thank you, Nvu, for the free , easy to use, webpage editor! You got me started!! (learning HTML!!)
Thank you,, for the free forum where all my guests can go and keep in touch!
Thanks, Mom & Dad, for life…. you too, God!

Thank you, cola and coffee, for the caffeine!!
Thanks to all my friends for your help!
Thank you, Marc Hansen, for permission to use all the great Ralph Snart images!! I LOVE RALPH SNART!!! Well, maybe not ‘love’. But, you know.
Thank you, Mozaic Mama Hilary Zayed, for permission to use the wonderful Canadian Lynx image!
Thank you, H & B RR, for the inspiration to update my site!
And Thank you, all you web designers, creators, and maintainers (especially Dynamic Drive CSS Library, Tizag Tutorials, The Site Wizard),, and Free CSS Templates for all the lessons, tips and terrific links! There were countless other sites on the net that I popped into to find help and they were going to get a mention too, but I lost my internet bookmarks when my computer died.

HayMan Quarterly was dreamed up and created by Marc Hickey (aka HayManMarc) in December 2001. He is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this website. The content is not entirely from the depths of his brain, however. (Most of it is.) He has recieved a load of help from his friends, family, and last, but certainly not least, from his wife, the love of his life, Karen.
HayManMarc would now like to take this opportunity to say a few words:

“Hay, man… what’s happenin’?”



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