Bernie’s Run

So, about two months ago I decided I was going to make a quick, little game for Bernie Sanders supporters.  I figured I’d spend about two weeks and make something little and cute.  Well, turns out my estimation of time is way off.  And, what was supposed to be little grew much bigger than I originally anticipated.

Nevertheless, I have finally made it to the point of a Beta Test Release.  Download it here:

Bernie's Run Logo gif

You need a computer running windows, a mouse and keyboard, and a little over an hour to play.  Please send me feedback about any glaring issues you may find.  Beta Testers will receive a mention in the credits.  Thanks in advance!  (Beta testing will not last long — probably only a few days.  I really want to just release the darn thing.)

I will be creating a page for “Bernie’s Run” soon.  Too tired now.  Must sleep.


Saucers From Space!

Play the game:

You can play Saucers From Space in your browser here —> Saucers From Space (HTML5)

FYI — It seemed to play better in Firefox than it did in Chrome.  Chrome had some slowdown at the end of the levels.  Minor issue – didn’t affect gameplay.

Gameplay Description:
Saucers From Space is a city-building arcade game made in the style of early-mid 80′s games on the monochrome monitor of the Apple II.


The object of the game is to build up a city and defend it from flying saucers.  You start with 1 truck collecting resources, one house, and the AA gun that you control.  The levels start easy and increase in difficulty as you go.  In between levels is the purchasing phase.  Here, you can use the resources you’ve collected (points, wood, and ore) to purchase more trucks, buildings, and even tanks for reinforcements.  Sometimes other buildings are required before you can purchase a particular building.  The more items you have at the end of the level, the more bonus points you will collect.  Try to build up your city and get the high score!

This game was originally made for the GMC demake a classic JAM #20.  The Jam version was pretty wonky.  This is the polished version that I will call a beta.

I tried to balance it out as best I could.   Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think.   I’d be grateful to hear what you liked and what you didn’t like.

There is no save option in this version.  I plan to add one with a high score table at a later time.

More screenshots:


Main Menu:

Game Start:

Level 10:

Game Over:

Controls and instructions are in the game, however there is no tutorial.

The basic controls are:

Left/Right Arrow Keys — to move your AA gun left and right.
‘A’ and ‘D’ Keys — to aim the barrel of your AA gun.
‘S’ Key — to fire.  (Hold down to auto-fire.)

Things I implemented/fixed in this version 1.1 (after the Jam):

  • In-game Help doc.
  • In-game Credits doc.
  • An Intro. (Besides the simulated Apple II boot-up.)
  • Made the menu more user friendly.
  • Tried to balance gameplay.
  • Fixed broken trucks and tanks.
  • Added context to the purchasing screen. (Yal)
  • Fixed no-win scenario of no ore trucks.
  • Trucks are now 50-50 random chance wood or ore.
  • Fixed the tree problem.

To do:

  • High score table.
  • Save system.
  • …?

GMC Jam: Episode 18

Here’s my weird, satire, spoof, fan-game of the Star Wars franchise mixed in with support for my favorite game developer jam.  I called it “GMC Jam:  Episode 18 – End Of The Cold War”.

Play the game on GameJolt by clicking the pic!

I highly recommend it, especially if you like things that are really dumb and only slightly fun!  lol  (It is somewhat humorous, tho. :) )


13 Jams = 13 games

I created a page that documents my participation with the GMC Jam, HERE.

13 games, from ‘not-so-bad’ to ‘getting-pretty-good’!  :)


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