The GMC Secret Santa 2019 – Gift Page


Gift Tracker & Download Page

Thank you for participating in the GMC Secret Santa this year!  I hope you have/had fun making your gifts and I hope you enjoy the gifts you receive.



(When available, Just click your gift icon to download your present!)

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[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], Cat~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], chance~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], Cloaked Games~~

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Coded Games~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000;color:white;”], GMWolf~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000;color:white;”], Homunculus~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], Micah_DS~~

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[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], Rui Rosario~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], SilentxxBunny~~

[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], sitebender~~

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[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], ~~[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], ~~[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”], Everyone~~(see forum)~~[attr style=”background-color:#008000; color:white;”]



 Key:    Red = gift not submitted     Yellow-Green = gift nearly submitted     Green = gift submitted.


 Here’s my gift to all the participants:  A participation pin!  Woot Woot!  :mrgreen:

The pin will have your username emblazoned at the bottom, immortalizing your Santa glory and good cheer!  How awesome is that?
Those who submit a gift will receive their personalized pin after the gift-making deadline.

Anywho, as I said last time, Merry Christmas!… or… Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, or Happy Festivus (or any other politically correct way of saying it) and have a Happy (and productive!) New Year!!   —HMM

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