Status: WIP
Birthdate: 2018 08 01

It is a time of apocalypse.
Our hero has been shot down near enemy lines. Find and pilot a MEK and destroy the evil A.I. before the world is lost to the sentient machines!

Programming and Art by Marc Hickey
Music by Marty Leahy

Status Details

Always accepting playtests, comments, and constructive criticism.

Available Builds:
Currently unavailable.

Most Recent Build:

Currently unavailable.

Arrows left/right: run left or right
C key: shoot
X key: use door/other
Z key: enter/exit Mek

Next build release date:


The Backstory:

This game started out as a Jam idea for the "LowRezJam 2018" on on August 1st, 2018.

DevLog (In reverse chronological order)