…so we were working on UFO Command and… SQUIRREL!

Well, leave it to me to get sidetracked on a huge tangent.

First I was sidetracked by a second game (FayKade).  Then I had this bright idea that I could do some in-game cut scenes using a different game I bought some years ago.  This started my stint with an old game called ‘ The Movies’.  While trying to customize that game, I ran across other machinima creating software – iClone, MovieStorm, and Muvizu. And now, here I am, with yet two more unfinished games.

Being the big fan of cartooning and free stuff that I am, Muvizu was the one that I checked out and experimented with.  To make this story short, I got stuck.

However, not all is lost and I’m not crying “FAILURE” at myself just yet. I do have something to show for my absence.

My first Muvi.

The Project Vortex

More to come, unless I get… SQUIRREL!


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