Rhodox’s Guage Productions Logo – Finally!

Here’s the tornado logo.  I’m not quite sure if the tornado image is actually free, as I don’t know if the website is legitimate.  I found the picture at http:/free-extras.com/search/1/tornado.htm  —  I created the lightning with GIMP.  I like the way this one turned out, but I may have to change it.
EDIT – PART I:  I used the wrong font, so I’m going to have to change it.  So until that’s done I wont be posting the image.  Sorry. my bad. I unwittingly used a shareware font.  That’s what I get for researching the font AFTER finishing the draft.  How frustrating.
EDIT – PART II: Okay, here’s the finished logo (below) with the free font.  The font is called “Saved By Zero” by Larabie found at http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/larabie/saved-by-zero/.  I rotated the second ‘g’ in ‘gauge’ 180 degrees to make it look like a small ‘g’.  It took some doing, but it turned out quite well.  I used some filters on the text to change it’s appearance and make it stand out more.  That’s pretty much it.

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