My Blogging Is Criminal

I am a criminal.  At least, when it comes to blogging and updating my progress and accomplishments here.  Perhaps that will change.

Anywho, “The Devil’s Railroad” took a back seat to yet another game.  I started working on a Charlie Brown platformer game for a Christmas Jam, but it turned out to be a bit too extensive for the time frame.  So I started working on “SpaceMyth”.

SpaceMyth Logo

“SpaceMyth” is progressing quite well, but it is a Christmas-based game.  So when it gets completed, even though it’s fun to play, it will be out of season until December 2014.  So, there’s a nice release date goal. :)  “SpaceMyth” is a top-down space shooter in an asteroids-like style.  Your “ship” is a Christmas tree and you must collect tree ornaments to boost your hit points as you fight off enemies that are bent on destroying you.  The enemies include:  a “Cat-ship” (cat’s are notorious for messing up Christmas trees), a “Surge” (a pulsing ball of electricity – short-circuits are notorious for messing up the whole holiday, let alone just the tree), and, of course, the “Grinch-ship” (do I need to explain this one?).  Each enemy is unique with it’s own weapons, AI, and graphical effects.

I decided to experiment with this one a bit by trying to export it to HTML5 and host it here on HayMan Quarterly.  Although I have succeeded with the set up, the game falls short because I can’t get the color blending to work.  I don’t even know if it’s possible.  Oh the joys of being a self-taught hobbyist.  :)

The game is still a work-in-progress, but if you’d like a sneak peek, here’s a screenie:

SpaceMyth Screenshot


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