Bernie’s Run

So, about two months ago I decided I was going to make a quick, little game for Bernie Sanders supporters.  I figured I’d spend about two weeks and make something little and cute.  Well, turns out my estimation of time is way off.  And, what was supposed to be little grew much bigger than I originally anticipated.

Nevertheless, I have finally made it to the point of a Beta Test Release.  Download it here:


Bernie's Run Logo gif

You need a computer running windows, a mouse and keyboard, and a little over an hour to play.  Please send me feedback about any glaring issues you may find.  Beta Testers will receive a mention in the credits.  Thanks in advance!  (Beta testing will not last long — probably only a few days.  I really want to just release the darn thing.)

I will be creating a page for “Bernie’s Run” soon.  Too tired now.  Must sleep.


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