The GMC Jam Tribute Video (and other Jam stuff)

I threw this video together to as a tribute to the GMC Jam.

The GMC Jam is a game making competition that happens 4 times a year (once every 3 months).  This competition lasts for 72 hours.  That’s right, 72 hours to think up, design, and complete a video game, and they encourage trying new ideas and methods.  It’s quite a chore for a novice like myself, and my games turn out all buggy and glitchy, but some (most) of the other entries are great!

Here’s a link to the youTube video:

GMC Jam Tribute


I’ve thrown together a page for ease in finding the old Jam Game Topic threads, from the very first Jam to the most recent.  Here’s a link to that page:



If you happen to be looking for the HayMan Jam 8 Reviews:



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